Manicure Nail Wraps Trends

Manicure nail wraps is a great option if you want to have an instant great nail looks. Silk nail wraps is so popular among nowadays in Europe and United States. The silk nail wraps is preferred than the acrylics one because it provides better flexibility and look more like the natural nail. It is better get done by the professional at the salon or if you want to do it at home, you can buy a kit for silk nail wraps.

A silk wrap is good to strengthen, lengthen or repair the nail. It was made from a synthetic silk or fiberglass material. It is healthier to have a silk wraps rather than the acrylics one because fibers let the nails to breath unlike the acrylics one. To get the silk wrap, you will have the material is added to your nails. The manicurist will cut the wraps to fit the nail and the apply adhesive to secure the wrap in place. Last, a color brushed over top of the wrap to ensure it does not lift up.

However, the silk wraps only last for almost a week. A short time for a great look. If you are doing a lot of activities using your hands and nails, this style is not recommended. Save the silk nail wrap only for the special occasion.

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